Simple Interior Design Choices to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home

Simple Interior Design Choices to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home

Simple Interior Design Choices to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home

The beautification of a home is always an exciting time, but if you believe interior design is just a luxury, think again. Real estate agents know that enhancing the aesthetics of a property will definitely improve its value in the housing market.


Interior design requires both the discipline of science and the feel of art. It may be a small investment for your client but it doesn’t have to be expensive. An important factor is to strike a balance between your clients’ preferences and the capabilities of their home. Simple choices can make significant changes.


Notable interior designer Pablo Solomon shares that the focus of a homeowner should be on the quality of the design and construction. Bigger is not always better. Take time to help your clients find the best materials for their home and it will definitely improve their interiors no matter the design.


Although it is important to be up to date with modern trends, the reality is that fads will eventually become obsolete. Look for timeless themes or practical designs that will stand the test of time. Timeless designs will resonate with potential buyers regardless of their age.


The choice of colors for interior design will have a lasting impact on the value of your clients’ home. Real estate agents know that a property that is primed for reselling will have safe and neutral colors to make it easier to attract buyers. The rule of thumb when it comes to selling a house is that buyers should be able to imagine themselves with their loved ones living inside it.


For this purpose, the color beige has been one of the most enduring choices for overall interior design. It is timeless and safe although modern trends point to more variety in colors including grey, navy and brass.


Natural light is freely available but its impact on interior design should not be ignored. It can add a touch of warmth and brightness to the entire home without shelling out too much money. All it takes is careful planning of interiors to maximize the effect of natural light. Window treatments will help well for this purpose and it can even create a perspective of a larger room.


Incidentally, a home that features natural light more prominently becomes more energy-efficient as well. Designing interiors not only because of aesthetics but also with an eye towards maximizing energy efficiency will help increase the appraisal of the house.


Whatever theme or design for a house, it is important to help your clients plan ahead. Real estate agents and clients should have constant communication about the impact on the property value of any changes. Basically, if these changes look good, it will improve the chances of a property. But if you are still unsure, spend time with a professional designer that can provide ideas and suggestions tailor-made for your clients’ house.