Steps to become a Real Estate Agent

Steps to become a Real Estate Agent

Steps to become a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a licensed professional in the real estate industry changes from state to state . Most real estate agents are required to have a certain number of hours of pre-licensing education and, in some cases, post license course to become fully licensed. Let’s get started.

General Requirements

    • Be at least 18 or 19 years of age.
    • Be a US citizen.
    • Have completed your required pre-license education
    • Complete and pass the state approved Sales Associate Pre-License course

Choosing a Real Estate School

Here at Real Estate Careers we offer Top Online Real Estate Schools to help you get started.

Getting your real estate license online allows you to take as many or as few credits as you can handle. Once enrolled, you can view online courses, download course materials or take practice exams and read through the course material whenever and wherever you want. That means you can still focus on your family and current job. With online real estate licensing, you’re in control: you decide how online real estate school fits into your daily routine.

Taking your State Exam

Apply to take your state’s exam.

Once you have completed your Pre-License Education and have passsed the State approved hours for your state, you can then schedule your exam.

Q: When do I schedule my State Exam?

A:       Schedule the exam after you receive an approval from the state in response to your application. The state will include instruction on how to do this with your approval letter.

Don’t forget to do your fingerprinting. A routine part of receiving real estate licensure is passing a complete background check. The fee for this should be part of your application fee. Once you receive an entity number, you can then make an appointment to get printed.

  1. You’ll receive notice of how to register for your exam and the details that follow. This will also be online. You’ll go to the site, pick a date, time, and location and be good to go.
  2. Most licenses are only good for your state. While some states do have reciprocity agreements, others do not. Check where yours is good at before you go about moving or working across state lines!


The School you Registered through will have a EXAM PREP, make sure you grab that as well.

If you know what to expect on the exam in advance,
you will have ZERO surprises on exam day.
And you WILL pass!

Finding a Broker to work for

Real Estate Careers places you with a Large Corporation based on your background and your skills. We find the active offices for you, the offices that have a team approach and are willing to see you succeed. You will be doing the interview with the broker to see if it will be a good fit for you, and you decide if it will be a good fit.

Why go out on your own to look for employment to the first broker that says yes. What happends if you hang your license with the wrong company…… sitting there for 3 – 6 months without a paycheck DOES happen in this industry.

Now for the Fun Part

Real Estate Careers also offers Social Media Syndication training……

We are going to give you one on one instruction on Social Media. How would you like to understand how facebook works so that when you post your first listing it actually goes out to all your friends and not just 15 of your 1,000 friends.

We make sure that you have the tools to be successfull, and if your successful then you make us look good.


“Hey, are you looking to move? No? Do you know anybody who is?”

You’ll need to hit up all your friends, their friends, the brothers of their friends, and so on and so forth.

This may seem silly, but unless your broker has handed you a pre-established lead, it’s the only way to do it. Your acquaintances are risking nothing. So it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Useing our Social Media Strategies make sure you keep growing your friend list and as time goes on you will have a nice following.

When it comes to housing, there are two types of people: buyers and sellers. In order to maximum your list of clients, you need to work with both. Simple logic. Hopefully your broker deals with both ends of the spectrum — more commission for you. Don’t discount doing Rental transactions either! This makes for a steady flow of income till you sell a home.

Be Reliable

I can not stress this enough. If the phone rings, PICK IT UP!! Trust me there’s agents that miss this small detail. Same thing with Text Messages or Emails… STOP what your doing and quickly reply back.

Hustle. Straight up, people are lazy. Selling and buying homes is hard. If you want clients, you’ll need to do the brunt of the work.

Yes, you are in control of your own hours. Yes, i know that it’s sunny out and the fish are bitting but that doesn’t pay the bills unless you can do both…… See that’s why we became a Realtor!!!

After you’ve exhausted all your friends, their old college roommates, the mothers of your little sister’s girl scout troupe, you name it, you’ll need to play with the big kids. You’ve got your business cards out there, your name’s all over Social Media, now what else? Time to get involved with the local community.

If you specialize in a town or neighborhood, you want that town or neighborhood of yours to be synonymous with you. Get on the neighborhood committee. Hold parties.  Do something that gets people knowing you and thinking of you as a trustworthy, go-getting leader. Soon enough, they’ll be coming to you.

So let’s get started and don’t forget to tell a friend about REAL ESTATE CAREERS, LLC.